The Tribe

Welcome to the Tribe! Here at Rustic Roots, it is SO much more than just jewelry. When you make the decision to purchase a piece, you are embarking on a beautiful journey of exchanging energy with us. We put our entire hearts into the creation process of each piece and trust me when I say you can feel it upon receiving your Talisman. The energy that pours out into handcrafted goods is just one of the many benefits of choosing to support a small, handcrafted business. By shopping with Rustic Roots, you not only get to surround yourself with this genuine love, but you are most definitely making me one happy soul who does a happy dance with a giant grin on my face! Those who have been supporting my dream have become like family to me. I have had the honor of meeting up with so many beautiful souls and plan to continue finding ways to connect in person. Nothing makes me happier than being able to embrace those who support me with the warmest hug! Thank you for choosing to shop small, for supporting this wild dream of mine and for being the most kind and loving humans. I am so grateful. XoXo ~ Madison