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How To Care For Handcrafted Jewelry

Here are a few tips n tricks to help your handcrafted jewelry last for years and years to come.

  • Remove all Jewelry before washing hands, swimming, showering, etc. Moisture can cause porous stones, such as Turquoise & Opal, to change color and can cause metal to tarnish quicker.
  • Remove all Jewelry before applying lotions, perfumes, etc. These things can create a layer over the jewelry and, like moisture, can do some harm over time.
  • All metal tarnishes over time, it's just how it goes. But the good news is, it's pretty easy to wipe away if you keep up with it! An easy way to clean your jewelry on a regular basis is with Sunshine Polishing Cloths, which you can purchase on my site under the tab 'Ring Sizers & Polishing Cloths'. Just give everything a good wipe and you should be shinin' again!!
  • If you purchase an Ethiopian Welo Opal, please be extra cautious around liquids, as they can cause major issues with these Opals. Welo Opals are very porous, meaning they love to absorb liquids. Unfortunately this makes them cloudy over time and in most cases is irreversible. Opals are also more delicate, so treat them with love and care so they live a long life with you!
  • If you purchase a piece of Amber, please keep in mind that Amber is actually fossilized resin from trees dating back almost a hundred million years. It is an extremely soft material and will chip/crack much easier than most stones. Treat your Amber with care and remove it before doing any activity that may put it at risk.